Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inkheart - Incarnational reading

Inkheart is another movie based on a series of popular youth novels and follows in the footsteps of the Twilight series and the Harry Potter books. It is the story of Mo Folchart, a "silvertongue" and his daughter Meggie, both with the ability to read characters and items from a book into existence by reading out loud. Inkheart was released in 2008 and stars Brendan Fraser and Helen Mirren along with Andy Serkis who is most well known for playing Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The storyline follows Mo as he attempts to right a wrong he committed twelve years previous by reading a villian out of the book of the same title as the movie. Mo is helped along the way by characters both real and read out of fiction.
This film is very family friendly with only a few objectionable words and several scenes that might be frightening to little children. Inkheart is rated PG and is suitable for family movie night.
I couldn't help but play a little "what if" with this film. What if Mo read the Bible out loud? Would he be able to bring Jesus to life? Would that count as the second coming? What about God? The prophets? Historical figures? If these people were real before, rather than fictional characters, could Mo make them appear?
The reality though is that it wouldn't matter. As Christians we believe in an incarnational Jesus Christ. He came to earth in the flesh. His presence among us in the flesh demonstrates how God cares about our physical bodies and that we should too. Because Jesus is present with us even now, we become "silvertongues" when we read His word. He becomes more real to us as we read about him in the Bible, and whether we read to ourselves or out loud doesn't matter.
I enjoyed this film much more than I expected considering that critics panned it. It's worth a look and a little wondering, but Jesus has already promised to be with us no matter where we are (Matthew 28:20).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That day has come...

Bonnie and I have been anticipating the adoption date of our little girl for quite a while now. For some time we've felt like the day might never come. It has arrived! Today (Tuesday November 17, 2009) we appeared in Family Court in Salem County and officially became parents again. Our new little girl is Delylah Rose Stevens and she is probably happier than we are to have been adopted. She is now three years old but will be turning four next month. We're now planning her baptism and looking forward to many years of happiness, joy and love. Thanks go out to all who have been in prayer for us in this process. We know you've been praying because we've felt your support. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! AMEN!