Monday, July 25, 2005

No message for 7/24

There is no sermon message for July 24. Not because I didn't write one. Simply because the one that I wrote was for a youth retreat where I was the Spiritual Advisor, and it's not typed yet. Thanks go out to Howard Cassaday for filling in for me at my churches this past weekend. I spent the weekend running around in the woods with 22 teenagers in high Point State Park. I'm sore! Obviously, I'm still too out of shape to be running around in the woods. If I get the time this week I'll try to type up the message from the weekend and post it here for anyone to peruse. In the mean time, I've got VBS this week and I'll be teaching at Delanco Camp next week. With what's on my schedule right now, if I'm still posting here by the second week of August it means that I'm still alive and that I survived the most hectic part of my summer. Keep watching.

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donald a stevens said...

YES !! I was there and you did absolutely excellent at communicating and getting your message across. I am constantly amazed at your ability to talk on a level with your listeners and not down to them. You made the whole weekend climax by bringing it all together in one meaningful
message. Like, you answered the question, WHY are we here and why did we do what we did !!
Thanks for all that, Popadon