Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Ground Rules

OK, if I'm going to pontificate theologically on movies it's probably worthwhile that you all know a little more about my movie preferences and such before we begin. Afterall, I wouldn't want people expecting me to do something that I might never do.

First, I'm a guy. That means two things; I like "guy" movies and sometimes I'm not too discerning about the quality of a film. I may occasionally comment on a film's acting or script or whatever, but I'm certainly no critic. Also, don't expect me to be watching too many "chick flicks." I will not be reviewing Fried Green Tomatoes or Steel Magnolias anytime soon, if at all.

Second, my reviews will not always be of current movies. I have a pretty large collection of DVDs at home and I get premium channels on cable. Whatever I write about will simply be whatever has sparked a thought for me this week. I'm also not going to limit myself just to movies. I could comment on a recent television show, a CD I just bought, a book I'm reading or anything else that's going on in popular culture.

Third and finally, I'm not the only game in town and I know it. I read several websited that comment on movies and popular culture from a theological perspective. is one of my favorites and I recommend it. If you just want a heads-up on current movies read

All in all, I'm just a Christian guy who likes to watch movies. Hope what I have to say is interesting and maybe a little informative.

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