Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Someday I'll get the hang of this blogging thing. Been away from it for a while and in that time we've moved, changed churches and I'm trying to familiarize myself with a new town, new people and a new ministry setting. So for those of you who may be reading my ramblings for the first time - Welcome! I'm pastor Don Stevens serving the Central United Methodist Church of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey and this is my blog. I like I love movies. And because I enjoy movies as much as I do and I'm also a pastor, I like to try to find those connections between what's on the screen and what we as Christians know about out faith. You can browse some of my previous posts to see how I've been doing it. Sometimes I hit the mark and sometimes I don't, but that is the reality of faith. And I don't just write about movies - television, books, computer games, in fact anything that's popular in th world today is fair game for analysis. We live in this world until we come face to face with God, why not understand it a little better through the lens of faith? I'm making it my new commitment to blog something connecting Christianity and popular culture every week from here on out and I hope that you my readers will keep me accountable to that. Also, if you're in the area, I'll be starting a new sermon series on July 29th that looks at how comic book superheroes help us understand ourselves, our relationships with God and one another and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm calling the series "Holy Heroes Batman!" Maybe I'll even post some of my sermons on this blog. Keep an eye out!

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Katie said...

Looking forward to your sermon series!