Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love on Valentine's day

I can't help but think that this society has little to no concept of what love really is. We just don't have enough words. Ancient Greek had more than ten words for love. Ancient Hebrew had at least three. Modern English has one. Something is missin there. I mean, I just talked about how I love my wife, but I also love Chinese food. Not in the same ways of course, but what other words does the English language afford me?
The modern world really doesn't know how to love like God knows how to love, that's for sure. We love with expectations. We expect to be loved back. We expect favors for loving someone. "If you love me..." or even better, "If you really loved me..." God loves without expectations. God says, "I love you." We respond with, "Then why am I unhappy? Why don't I have everything I want? Why do I still have needs? If you really loved me God, I wouldn't be unhappy." And still God says, "I love you." No conditions. No stipulations. No expectations. Agape = unconditional love, that's what we all need on Valentine's Day. Save the chocolate and flowers for somebody else.

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