Friday, February 13, 2009

OK, so I'm not so good at this

Yes, it's been a long time since I last posted a blog. Yes, more than a year. I know. I get so busy and I just forget to even look. But I've been thinking recently that I need to be more reflective. In talking to a friend about this she suggested that I start a blog. Well, I have one already! Do you? What is it?

I had to admit my shortcoming when it comes to blogging. But it did get me to thinking that this would be a good way to "think out loud" a little more and thus be more reflective about things going on in my life. So I'm scrapping the idea of posting my sermons. Instead, this wil become my place to ruminate on "stuff." Maybe there's no one in the whole world that wants to hear what I have to say except me and my lovely wife. That's cool too.

And speaking of MrsRevDon: I was in the Blockbuster a couple of weeks ago (Blockbuster is a dying breed by the way. Netflix will bury them soon), and I came across a film called "I Think I Love My Wife." I thought to myself, "I KNOW I love my wife." Maybe this comes out of it being just before Valentine's Day, but MrsRev is the most beautiful person I know. She has a heart the size of a major metropolis. Her first and last thought of every day is for the care and well-being of someone else, usually me. Aside from being a full-time college student, she is a stay at home mom for three foster children, a husband and an adult daughter. All that and she's studying to become a family therapist. There are so few good people in this world that I just have to crow about this one.

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